odd program interaction

  • Derell Licht
    Derell Licht

    I'm using a nice freeware titlebar clock utility, called Title Bar Date Time:

    My system is Windows 7 64bit, Aero interface.
    Console version 2.00.148.

    With all programs except Console2, TBDT is working fine.  However, with Console2, every time I type a character, TBDT is redrawn, which causes a disturbing repeated flashing on the titlebar.  This does not happen with any of the actual console shells (either cmd.exe or tccle.exe), nor does it happen with any other window or dialog.  It only happens with Console2.

    Is there any way I can get this redrawing and flashing to stop??  Does anyone know why it is happening?

  • Derell Licht
    Derell Licht

    So… is anybody even here anymore??  or is Console2 simply abandonware?

  • HI,

    Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to work on Console for quite some time now.

    If you have the option to show active commands in the window title, you could try turning that off.

    Otherwise, I would have to debug the interaction with TBDT, which I cannot do right now, sorry.