Transparency setting

  • Filip Duyck
    Filip Duyck

    Somewhere between 2.00b146 and 2.00b148, the maximum transparency setting was changed from 255 to 250. I assume this was done because with a transparency setting of 255, Windows stops processing click events for that window.

    However, I was heavily depending on this feature. I have Console2 set up as the first program in my quick-launch bar, so pressing win-1 will cause it to start or activate (if it was already running). I have my "inactive window" transparency set to 255 so that when I deactivate the window (alt-tab, …), the window actually disappears (until i bring it back up again with win-1).

    With a transparency setting of 250, it will still be "gone" as in invisible, but the entire area will still respond to click events (which means if I click on a specific transparent rectangle on my screen, Console2 pops up).

    As a result, I am stuck on 2.00b146. Is there anyone who wants to revert this change?

  • Hi,

    Can you try editing console.xml file directly?

    • Marko