Bringing along DOSKEY aliases

  • Nick Hansen
    Nick Hansen

    Nice:  using the Shell: field in the settings dialog to bring along my DOSKEY alias/macros using something like "C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /K C:\DOSKEY.bat"

    Even nicer?  Modifying the Behaviors tab in the settings dialog to allow for arbitrary key/value pairs so these could be managed in Console2 instead using a bat file hiding somewhere on the filesystem.

    Otherwise, very excellent project.  It has improved by quality of life at work several fold.

  • Kirill


    unfortunately, due to the nature of Console, we cannot do that. The root cause: every shell has its own set of config settings. For example, the PowerShell shell will probably be confused by those pairs.

    However, we might want to have a field for an arbitrary text, which can be referenced by the command line. For example, you enter the contents of your doskey.bat into that field, and convert your command line to "%comspec% /k $FILE". But this is definitely not on top of our priorities list.

    You might want to create a Feature Request .