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Failed to open Console tab! Windows Vista 64-

  • Steven Combs
    Steven Combs

    Not sure what happened I was successfully using console some time ago and now I am not able to run it on my vista machine. Did windows update something to make this happen. I have read the previous post about this error happening and have ran through my services several times to see if there is anything pecular on there that may cause this error to be coming up and cant find any. Anywho here is the whole error, oh and i have tried every new version that is suppose to run on 64 bit and same thing:

    Failed to open Console tab!
    The process could still be running (use the Task Manager to find it and end it)

    I have also run autoruns and procmon to see if I can find anything and dont see anything running at all. Any help at all is appreciated thanks in advance.

    • Hi all!
      I have also the same problem too. I do not know where is the problem! I had previously old version and it works very fine. But I have upgraded to new version and now I get this error even when I downgrade the version.

      Any helps?

      • I forgot. I have Windows XP with SP3.