#249 Vim causes new tabs not to echo

David Trimboli

While I'm running the console version of Vim 7.1 in any shell in a tab in Console 2, any tabs that are subsequently opened, regardless of shell, do not echo any text, input or output. The cursor is visible and moves as if I am typing. Carriage returns seem to jump the cursor down at least one extra line, possibly two.


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    Which vim is that? Native port? Cygwin? Something else?

    Some console apps do strange things to console output buffers (allocating their own, etc, and that can screw up Console)

  • David Trimboli
    David Trimboli

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    It's Vim 7.1 for Windows downloaded from vim.org.

    What surprises me isn't that output buffers could be messed up by Vim, it's that output buffers (or whatever) in completely different Console tabs running completely different shells are being messed up by Vim. If it were just the current tab, I'd understand. In fact, if I shell out of Vim, that's the ONLY tab that isn't messed up.

    I haven't seen this behavior while running any other console application.

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    It's happen on me also. BTW, I found the workaround; on the another tab after 'blank' out by vim. I call vim, and exit from vim. It bring screen back again.

    PS: I'm using windows xp media center 2005, ATI x1100, and the Console2 version 2.00.139.

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    Yup, I can confirm this with the native vim build... I'll look into it

  • I have found the reason: visible scrollbars. Now I have to figure out how to fix it :)

  • I think I have fixed this, it will be available in the next build.

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