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#195 -c switch not working when console is invoked


I cannot get the -c flag to work properly. Whether I call console from the command-line or I append the flag to the target field of a shortcut to console, it never works. In the documentation it gives the example:

console.exe console.xml -c "cd ""C:\Program Files"""

If I copy and paste this into an open console or cmd window console will launch, but from the current directory, not C:\ Program Files.
Similarly I can replace the cd with any number of other commands and nothing happens (i.e. notepad.exe, gvim, dir, etc.)

Do you have any thoughts on this matter?

I want to change my cygwin shortcut so that instead of launching cygwin.bat it launches say:

console.exe myconsole.xml -c cygwin.bat

So far, no dice.

Thanks for the help.



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    If you read the Console help file, you'll see that -c switch is for specifying a configuration file :-) -r switch is for running startup commands (there have been changes in Console2)

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