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Windows Version 0.2 Available

The windows version of v0.2 is now available in the Files area as both a script and a standalone executable. I was able to get around ANSI coloring issues by using Win32::ANSIConsole. I also discontinued use of the Term::ReadKey module and disabled echo manually. This doesn't seem to be working though. I have no plans to fix it in this version, but hopefully the next will be fixed.

Posted by Yoda Cowles 2003-06-22

Console Mailtool in Windows

It has come to my attention that many of the modifications for v0.2 do not work very well with windows. I feel that many of the changes are important, so they will stand. I will attempt to release a Windows-only version of v0.2 in a short time. It may need to be stripped down a but from the full version though. I will attempt to preserve as much functionality as possible.

Posted by Yoda Cowles 2003-06-20