Conky 1.5.1 Released

I'm pleased to announce the release of Conky 1.5.1. A lot of work has gone into this release to make it Bug Free(TM) and actually compile on most systems. There have been a couple new features introduced, but for the most part this is a bug fix release. Changes are as follows:

* Conky 1.5.1 released.
* Added --enable-testing configure option to use insane compiler flags.

* Added mem_res and mem_vsize to $top.
* Improved parsing of $diskio*, $disk_protect and $ioscheduler args.

* Increased C99 compliance.
* Fixed potential segfault in get_ioscheduler().
* Implemented upwards path traversal for fs_type.
* Fixed bug in libmpdclient that caused file descriptors to be left open.
* Cleaned up output of battery_* vars.

* Fixed messed up percentages (fs_free_perc, fs_used_perc, mpd_percent,

* Fixed for specifying a non-existent configuration file.
* Added disk_protect.
* Fixed too many open files bug in laptop_mode.
* Fixed reading interface adresses.
* Fixed battery_bar default size.

* Fixed compilation with --disable-x11.
* Fixed linux.c compilation problem due to (suspected) broken linux
* $battery_bar sysfs fix (thanks Marcus).

You can acquire a copy of Conky 1.5.1 from our friends over at SourceForge:

Posted by Brenden Matthews 2008-04-01