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Config::IniFiles / News: Recent posts

New code cleaning

A new developer has been added along with an update to the sources containing his extensive code cleaning. Hopefully this will kick off a set of rapid updates that will cover most of the outstanding patches and bug fixes (and there are many) including some nice new speed improvements.

Posted by Jeremy Wadsack 2003-12-06

Values With Leading Spaces?

"Trash_Perl" has reported a "bug":

I've responded, indicating that it may be possible for the Config::IniFiles module to escape all values, ensuring that leading white-space characters aren't ignored.

What do you think? Let me know: mailto:grail@users.sourceforge.net

Posted by Alex Satrapa 2002-11-12

Proposed Code Fix Will Break Tied Hashes

If you use Config::IniFiles in tied-hash mode, please let me know.

I'm planning some changes (see Bug 447532) which will make the tied hash mode work like a proper hash - returning a reference to an array containing the value(s) of a parameter, rather than returning a concatenated string.

Posted by Alex Satrapa 2002-04-06