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#9 COM server not working in Python 2.6.1


The COM servers are not working in with Python 2.6.1 and Windows XP.

I'm suspecting this is related to python issue 4566 (

I'm trying to run the ./test/ script on windows (I'm opening another issue about some missing files needed to run it) and I'm getting error R6034 messages when trying to view the COM object with the OleView utility, this is the same message.

Previously when some of my py2exe'd apps didn't work with Python 2.6.1 I was able to fix this kind of issue by using a manifest file (which was needed for the packaged .exe but not for the .py script). Now I was not able to find any solution by using manifest files (but I'm not discarding this would be an option, once a proper manifest is somewhere defined).

I'm hopping this gets fixed in the next Python 2.6.x release as a python patch is already available, but in the mean time, can we still get some sort of solution?