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Module Request Form Available

The Project would like to help teachers, graduate students, and faculty develop modules that are authentic computational science examples. On the Project Home Page there is a link to "Module Requests". Click there for more information.

Posted by steve 2009-06-22

New Organization for Education

We were contacted by Calhoun "Reb" Thomas of Columbia, SC, about the project. Reb is a lawyer who is interested in both education and the development of open source. He has a website His snail mail address is 1201 Main Street, Suite 1750, Columbia, SC 29201.

Posted by steve 2009-06-08

Open Source Textbooks

Following up on a story that California is trying to encourage open source textbooks, <a http="">on Ostatic</a>, a commenter brought up interesting points concerning Flat World's Knowledge another <a http="">another Ostatic page</a>. Flat World Knowledge has venture capital but is concentrating on college textbooks.

Posted by steve 2009-05-20

Open Source for Computational Science Education

The Institute for Modeling and Simulation Applications at Clemson University has initiated an open source project to foster development of computational science educational materials. The Computational Science Tools and Tutorials project will develop tools, tutorials, and examples of modeling and simulation education that sets the standard for verified and validated materials, and accredited to education levels.... read more

Posted by steve 2009-05-14