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Unstable Release 0.3.x.6

This release includes significant changes to units of measure, including more convenient abbreviations, ability to change unit systems, and ability to specify a default unit to display. For example:


causes all result to be printed using US customary units. "SI", "US" and "CGS" systems are supported. I am still in the process of adding more of the unit groupings to the unit systems so that things like capacitance or heat flux get automatically displayed using relevant combinations of units.

However, if you don't like the standard combination of units, you can use addDefaultUnit:


causes all velocities ( length over time) to be displayed in units of km/hr.

For more information, see updated ExampleDocuments (eg. fluid mechanics and demo documents) and UserGuide in the Trac wiki, which I've updated to show the new features.

Posted by Toby Rule 2011-02-13