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Is TComTerminal Required?


  • Anonymous

    I've got CPorLib working tremendously well for me, even compiled with 64 bit, but I notice that it only works if I add a TComTerminal to my application and link it to the TComPort component.

    Is there any way I can make this work without a visual component?

  • Stephen Gaunt
    Stephen Gaunt

    Yes of course it will work without the TComTerminal!
    Load up ComExample.dpr from the examples folder, this will give you lots of clues for using the component.
    If your incoming messages will be fixed length then also look at linking a TComDataPacket component to the CPort


  • Anonymous

    It was a simple matter of turning (back) on "TriggersOnRxChar", which can't be on if you link the TComTerminal.  I was also using OnRxBuf instead as the event, but this wasn't being triggered without ComTerminal attached.  Switching to OnRxChar helps me more.

    All good now :)  Thanks for your help.