Receiving RxChar Status


  • Anonymous

    I'm using ComPort on Delphi XE2 and it works fine (for sending SMS)

    Sending multiple SMS can be a problem.
    Tried to set a 5000ms delay and it works well.
    But how to make it "smart" by capturing return value from RxChar?
    anyone got an idea?

    when sending SMS we need to send minimum 2 commands
    1. AT+CMGS="1234567890" + #13#10
    2. <your message here> + #26

    Problem is, after 1st step we need to wait for RxChar to return ">" before sending message
    After sending message (step 2) RxChar should be returning sending status whether OK or ERR
    Then we could proceed to next message.

    Is there anyone have a better idea than delaying 5000ms?

    thanks in advance