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Handling of initial values of attributes

  • Manuel Renz
    Manuel Renz

    currently I try to use an existing large EA model with your uml2exporter.

    In that model lots of attributes have initial values that look like that:
    new int[] {Types.DATE}

    This causes the uml2exporter to throw an error like this:
    Error in visit (EA_Attribute):  java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "new int[] {Types.DATE}"

    First: This error is not really helpful cause I have no chance to find the corresponding class and its attribute where this happens. So could you pleas add more information to the error message best would be to add the fully qualified name of the element to the message.

    Second: the uml2exporter should not take care of what the initial value of an attribute is.
    At least it should be configurable.


    • Ueli Brawand
      Ueli Brawand

      Hi Manuel

      The error message is not very helpful, indeed.

      I assumed so far, that initial values must be the same type as the attribute itself. In this case the export shoud generate an opaque expression. Please add a bug to the tracker. I will fix it as soon as I have time.

      Regards, Ueli