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New look, new content, new philosophy: the new compo's site!

Just take a look at http://compo-music.net and appreciate by yourself.

A more direct access, and particularly faster, to different types of informations, organized in an editorial fashion.

New columns :
http://compo-music.net/en/docindex.php : Compo's documentation online, and optimized for printing;
http://compo-music.net/en/tip001.php : Use tips, which allow you to take the most benefits from compo's abilities;
http://compo-music.net/en/online.php : The new compo online space, offering scores in the compo format, and destined to grow.

As always, it is free! Make a good use of it, and feel free to tell us about your impressions!

Posted by bruno lartillot 2001-10-25