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#564 Compiere applications startup behaviour

Kathy Pink
Sergio Ramazzina


I would like to know why every time I open the Sales
Order application it loads every time the latest sales
order I've entered.

This kind of behaviour is common to many other
Compiere application.

We're doing some product demo and this behaviuor
isn't well accepted by our prospects because
everyone, every time a new application opens,
prefers to have a screen with all fields blank
immediately ready to create a new record. The
normal behaviour where the system, while opening a
new application loads the latest record inserted using
that application, is also dangerous a lot because we
have noticed that the user doesn't care about what is
seeing on the screen and continues to go forward
with his/her action of inserting the new item.

The only application I've seen that has the desired
behaviour seems to be the Purchase Order
application but, if so, I've not found where I can
change the normal "startup" behaviour of my
applications saying that every time a new application
starts I want a new record ready to be filled.


Sergio Ramazzina


  • Kathy Pink
    Kathy Pink

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    That is the way it is designed. Upon opening the doc screen
    it will show all records that are 1 day old or less and those
    that are not completed. You would have to modify the
    source to change this behavior.

  • Kathy Pink
    Kathy Pink

    Logged In: YES

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  • Kathy Pink
    Kathy Pink

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