#3654 Import Utility and Compulsory Fields

Kathy Pink

I had purchased the User Manual from Compiere store,
but there is not much information about the Import
Utility on Chapter 17. I learned how to define the
import loader format and define the import file,
Unfortunately no information about what are the
Mandatory Fields to be included. eg. I tried to import
Purchase Orders or Sales Orders from an exisiting
system. but I am not sure what are the compulsory
fields to be included. I tried to take a look at the
Example Order template, but the fields are limited and
does not help.

Could someone provide me the necessary instructions?
1 Purchase Order Import -the Compulsory fields
2 Sales Order-the Compulsory fields



  • Kathy Pink
    Kathy Pink

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  • Kathy Pink
    Kathy Pink

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    refer to the samples provided for required minimim data

  • Kathy Pink
    Kathy Pink

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  • Scott

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  • James Minney
    James Minney

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    Dear Scott,
    I had a lot of difficulty with this too. My advice from
    experience is:
    1) Map *provisionally* which of your source fields you think
    will go to the fields in the import utility.
    2) Then go to the example files which ship with Compiere,
    and write a one-line (i.e. just one record) textfile to
    exactly the same format with one record from your own data.
    Try importing (both stages)
    3) Then copy that Loader Format to a new one, and add your
    other fields. The important thing is to iterate:
    a) Add one field to the loader. Add the same field to your
    test file and increment the order number in your testfile.
    Try importing.
    b) Repeat as above
    4) Start the above process with the most "harmless"-looking
    fields first, the ones you think will have least wider
    impact on other things.
    5) Some of your additional fields might not work unless you
    add another one first or something. So if you add a field
    and the import fails, have a think and try a different field
    6) As a general rule, if you have a column whose name ends
    in _ID (C_ORDER_ID for example), and another column which
    gives the same information but in human terms not Compiere
    terms (for example, Order Number), then *ALWAYS* prefer to
    import the human field and let Compiere worry about the _ID
    7) Some important fields don't have a human-use field
    offered in the import utility (e.g. Price List). If you must
    specify these fields, then you'll have to look in your
    database directly to find the _ID of that entity. Wherever
    you can, avoid using fields which refer directly to
    Compiere's internal "_ID" of any document or other

    When all that's done, then try again using a larger import
    test file. One of the things which is really annoying about
    Compiere (but can't be helped) is that when you have
    problems like this, they take a huge amount of time, but
    then when you've found out how to do it, you find you cannot
    reproduce the error situation. So you begin to wonder
    whether you are stupid - at least I do. But it can't be
    helped, it's a feeling you have to live with if you're going
    to get your implementation finished.