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Compiere released 2.4.2

Compiere, the smart business solution for small-medium distribution and service enterprises worldwide, released version 2.4.2. In pilot sites, the release is stable in production.

Compiere's statistics are impressive: more than 150,000 downloads within the last months and now usually in the top ten SourceForce projects.

The main technical objective for this release was to make it easier to install and to try it out. The installation process was nearly completely automated and people managed to have the application running after just 3 hours after downloading. Additional Clients can be downloaded via Java WebStart: http://www.compiere.org/download/compiere.jnlp

The new release is based on Java 1.4.0, Oracle 9.0.1 and Tomcat 4.0.2. We achieved significant performance improvements by creating complex "Value Objects' on the server tier. The user is also able to quickly detect and fix connection problems.

Users like the support of the mouse wheel and the additional user level customizations like 'personal' Menu Bar (Shortcuts) and the ability to set defaults/preferences for any field in the system. This allows to speed up data entry significantly.

Major areas of functional improvements were Payments (Petty Cash, Checks, Funds transfers) as well as improved info and search capabilities for Orders, Invoices, Shipments and Payments.

For more details see Release 2.4.2 Notes: http://www.compiere.org/product/rel242.html
and Product Status & Plan: http://www.compiere.org/product/status.html

Posted by Jorg Janke 2002-03-06