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#720 Paying vendor invoices


I am having some difficulties with the payment selection process.

The payment dialog in the vendor invoice window seems to be indented for online payments only.
What we need is the ability to select a bpartner bank account for the invoice, that will actually be saved. (i.e. Add C_BPartner_BankAccount_ID to C_Invoice)
That way you can select which account will be used by the payment selection/export process.
In a typical scenario you would then select payment method “On Credit”, select the correct payment term, and the correct bpartner bank accounr of the vendor.
The payment selection process should then include the invoice only when it is due (depending on the selection criteria used) and use the selected bpartner bank account when creating the payment.

Finally, we need to payment selection/export process to copy the A_Name & A_City fields from the Bpartner bank account to the payment, not only the AccountNo.
(we are exporting the payment data to the bank in a format called “ClieOp03” (national standard for payments & direct debit) which includes the name/city of the other party)

b.t.w the bank account field in the payment dialog currently does not use any join conditions between bank and bpartner bank account.
When you have a lot of banks defined, and a bpartner with say 5 bank accounts, the dropdown is populated wioth all possible combinations, which is a not really helpfull.
I think that a left outer join will do better here.


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