#678 Compiere Google Gadgets


I am faced with a problem where Compiere operational users are not checking their Notices, Requests, Workflow or Performance indicators regularly enough.
As a result, issues are not addressed timeously.

The company makes extensive use of Google Apps and also Google Desktop which has proven to be very effective.

It would be of great benefit to have Google Gadgets made available that would alert Compiere users of indicators/events that they must respond to.

For example;

1. Gadget for Notices
- Similar to a news or rss feed, display the user's notices (possibly an rss feed??). Expanded view shows details.

2. Gadget for Requests
- Similar to point 1 above.

3. Workflow Activities
- This one opens lots of possibilities....Using the GardenWorld Requisition example, if a workflow activity needs to be attended to, instead of logging into Compiere, the user can expand the Google Gadget and view the typical Node / Description / Help / History Records / Answer / Messages and Forward fields.
From the Gadget, he user can accept, decline, etc. the workflow activity. This surely would be very appealing to management.

4. Gadget for Performance Indicators
- Show the indicators as the user would see on the Performance Tab. A simplified initial view (indicating a standard percentage indicator (similar to the battery meter gadget) would suffice.

5. Gadget for Chat


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    Hi avdalen,

    I also think that client side javascript portals are intrinsically definitely more inter operable than portlets. So in order to integrate Google Gadgets with web based ERP's like Compiere, I suggest to look at the new gadget container reference implementation launched by Google (Apache 2 license):


    Raphaël Valyi.