#641 Implementing a Transfer Order

Jorg Janke
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Is it possible to have a Sales order that doesn't
reserve inventory?

our client needs a transfer order to facilitate
inventory moves between branch facilities. We have
chosen to create a new doc type for Sales order to
implement this, since transfers need to be picked,
packed and shipped just like a sales order (hence, it
is very different from an inventory move and
discussions elsewhere in this forum about extending
inventory move won't help us).

However, at any time in the process our client wants to
know that inventory can be sold, as selling is always
preferable to transferring. What they would like is to
have transfers not reserve. I thought of reusing the
non-binding quotation doctype since it doesn't reserve,
but I would still need to generate a shipment in this
case, in order to kick off our pick, pack and ship process.

As always, any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.



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  • Kathy Pink
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    There is no order type that does not reserve inventory.
    Inventory move can have confirmations that serve as pick
    and ship doc. YOu can change a quote into a sales order
    when you are ready to ship it change the order type but
    that will also generate an invoice.


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    We would like to support Peter's request as we have the same
    requirement. The Inventory Move does not meet the
    functional requirement. It produces no usable shipping
    document from warehouse "A' to warehouse "B". It seems not
    prevent items from being selected from multiple warehouses
    and shipped to multiple warehouses whereas the functional
    requirement is to ship from a particular warehouse to
    another and prevent users from doing otherwise when an Org
    has multiple warehouses that all have to be accessible from
    a single login.

    "There is no order type that does not reserve inventory" ..
    We also use the non-binding estimate as the base document
    for transfer initiation because it does not reserve
    inventory but we then have to manually do an inventory move
    later to effect the transfer... this is messy double handling.


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  • Peter

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  • Peter

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    I'm reopening this because I still have the issue of how to
    support a transfer order that doesn't allocate/reserve

    I would like to see this become an enhancement request - to
    have the ability to create a document type for a sales order
    that allows an optional reserve of the inventory, but that
    will be picked up by Generate Shipment regardless of whether
    the inventory is reserved or note. This would most closely
    address our needs, though I'd like to hear from ADAXA if
    that would address their needs as well.

    In essence, I plan to use counter documents and a new sales
    order document type to implement transfer orders between
    physical warehouses - because our client has firmly stated
    that Inventory Move just doesn't provide the documentation
    and warehousing (e.g., pick, pack, ship the packed material,
    and restock remaining inventory) functionality required.
    Since we are already building an updated Pick and Pack
    module to support their requirements, this seems like
    counter documents and a "transfer order" doctype based on
    standard order would work.

    The thorn in our side is the requirement that the sales
    person should be able to decide whether inventory will be
    reserved or not, based on whether the transfer is supporting
    an actual sales order at the target warehouse or not.

    As a stopgap I will explore use of the proposal as a base
    for the transfer order doctype, but I am struggling with
    what to do about generating a shipment for that.

    So in light of all this, please consider this request for an


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  • Peter

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    I have a question about current functionality in 2.5.3c
    related to this request.

    I had always *assumed* that one could not generate a
    shipment from a proposal. Now I've just tried this on my
    machine and it works.

    I'm already using Pick/QA confirmations, since we are
    building our own Pick and Pack functionality and we update
    the confirm with qty officially packed.

    It seems to me that I can use a new doctype based upon
    proposal doctype to fill a "transfer order without reserve",
    then generate a shipment manually associated with that
    'order'. Later I pick and pack the order, update the
    confirm and then do a final generate shipment to complete
    the shipment. This decrements my on hand count
    appropriately. I have just simulated this on my machine and
    this is basically what transpired.

    For my purposes it seems like this works the way my client
    wants it to: that I'm able to enter and process a transfer
    order without reserving the quantity at any time - until I
    finally confirm my shipment / complete my shipment which
    updated the On Hand count. Am I missing something?

    Is there something that won't be updated correctly in the
    system if I continue on this path?

    Thanks in advance for your help on this.

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  • James Minney
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    Question: Won't you have troubles later when your client wants to analyse "Sales by SKU, Qty sold against qty we expected to sell" (for example), because when you try to add up sales by quantity you get Transfer quantities mixed in?

    I think your issue is with the Inventory Move functionality. If you could choose From_warehouse and To_warehouse at the header, and create a printed document to support it, wouldn't it meet the need?

    Reserving is a different level of problem again.

  • Peter

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    Ah, but with the power of separate document types I can easily report on sales outside of transfers. That is how we've implemented transfer orders so far - by using a different document type for a order, along with a corresponding doc type for a PO related to a Transfer.

    I'm talking about transfers of material across physical distances, where there are multiple warehouses across the US. So these need to be picked, packed, shipped and then received - just like any other order! So inventory move doesn't cut it. You'd have to at a minimum have something to receive against, and counter-documents work well in this scenario for matching up the PO at the target city with the transfer order from the source city.

    The issue is clearly with reserves.... You always want a sales order to win out over a transfer order, because sales means income, and a transfer represents shipping and labor cost, with the hope of sales later on.