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Ready-to-use, automated Compiere with free db

  • COMING SOON: Ready-to-use, automated Compiere installation (with free bundled database)

    Hi all,

    I thank the Compiere community for their constant support and encouragement. A lot of you have been mailing in to say that Compiere+Daffodil has been the combo you have been looking for.

    Further to the same, we now have plans to release a totally automated Compiere installation, for Compiere-compatible Daffodil DB. It would be available on a CD or could be directly downloaded as a zip file. This would result in a simple installation process (we are targeting an under-5-minutes scenario).

    This means that Compiere+Daffodil will soon be ready to be used in a real-time environment. To start with, we plan to target the 20-users-or-less environment, however we have full plans to scale up on the number of users.

    Keep visiting www.daffodildb.com/daffodil-compiere.html for more details on the same. Do let us know (via this forum) your thoughts on the same, as also how good an idea this would be.