Manufacturing - Development Timetable

  • Graham Loosley
    Graham Loosley

    We have a number of possible implementations in the UK Midlands; some of these depend on manufacturing features.

    I've tried to answer this question myself by reading the forums but I've failed so far.

    Is there a development timetable?

    In the meantime are there any workarounds for manufacturs using Compiere?

    • Hi Graham

      Which manufacturing features are you looking for first.

      This question is because some modules are managed at core level, some other by Compiere MFG + SCM.

      To better answer to your question, we will put on
      an updated development timetable.

      Best regards

      Andre Legendre

    • Graham Loosley
      Graham Loosley


      Thanks for the reply.

      We need all the features of course :-)

      But just routings would be a big step forward.



    • Hi Graham

      Routing is job on core and on Compiere MFG + SCM

      But if you are probably speaking to have routings in your actual compiere software.
      This is job in core Compiere and Jorg is working on it.
      It is planned for end of November, but Jorg could tell you better than me.