We are proud to release the first production release of Compiere-NMA, the current release is now being used for a few weeks already in our datacenter and has already replaced our old traffic collectors.

What does Compiere-NMA do?
With this module you can collect data from any kind of SNMP device like switches, routers and also from servers or workstations. The main purpose is to collect the traffic produced on the ports. This is not only interesting for ISPs/ASPs, this could also be interesting for companies to see where the network traffic comes from. With this information you can split your IP traffic between departments or see whether your providers traffic invoices are correct.

What would I need to run Compiere-NMA?
The current release is tested with Compiere 2.5.3a and works with the compiere PO model. On the other hand you need a SNMP enabled device. Currently most manageable switches and routers provide SNMP data. If you don't have such a switch you could activate SNMP on your servers / workstations, but this produces additional traffic and load on the systems.

Where do I find the project / downloads?
The project is Open Source and also placed on Sourceforge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/compiere-nma/, installation documentation and config docs can be found here: http://www.comdivision.com/isy.net/servlet/broadcast/compiere_nma.html

What is planned for the next releases?
Next steps beside optimization and bug fixing (hopefully not to many...) is to get the other collectors ready like Logfile, PBX collector etc. And beside that the reporting tools need to be released currently you can only see data via compiere. This is planned to get done until end of 2005. For 2006 we will integrate conract and billing infrastructure, so that you can create contracts for all collected datas and then bill your customers/organizations/departments.

What if I need help with installation or commercial consulting / support services?
Beside the ability to use forums and support requests on the sourceforge plattform we and also some of the certified compiere partners of integration and other consulting services. If you need it you could also buy a support contract for guranteed support reaction times, bug fixing etc.

Do you have any questions?
Ask our team in the forums or contact me directly via sourceforge.