problem by attaching image in print format

  • stibitz23

    hai all,

    im a newbie in compiere, i've been learning this since few weeks due to my internships.

    i've been spending quite a lot of time to play with Print Format, Print Format Table and Print Form.
    right now i already have my own Order_Header-Print Format and im trying to attach an image in this order print format by doing the following step:
    * making a new Format Item in Order_Header-Print Format (named "ImgAttach")
    * making some changes:
        - Format Type    : Image
        - Area        : Content
    * selecting the following checkboxes:
        - Image Attached
        - Relative Position & Next Page
          ("ImgAttach" has the last sequence number in Order_Header-Print Format, because i want
          the image to be printed in the last page of the Order Confirmation printout)
    i use "FreePDF XP" as my printer in Compiere(2.5.3a) to also create the pdf-file.
    im expecting two pages of Order Confirmation,when im printing this out.
    * 1st page contained all order line (line no, name, description, unit price, etc)
    * 2nd page contained the attached image.

    but instead of two pages, i always get 4 pages.. 2 times the same document.
    i've been using my own data and also try it with the data in GardenWorld.
    it has the same problem..

    do i miss something? does anyone has the same problem?

    1 more thing, i still dnt know how to attach a pdf file. i've tried it, but i cant see my pdf file..

    for any reply and answer.. thanks in advance.