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returns from customers

  • nicola

    Is there some pratical functionality to make credit note for returns from customer?
    My company is selling to the customers that have right to give us returns of unsold, so is necessary for us to make quikly credit note. I don't see nothing to do this. Can you help us?
    Many thanks.

    • john


            There is a provision for Scrapped quantity and return material functionalities you can make use of those. And i think generation of confirmed delivery at the end of every order needed so that you can track the return products after each delivery.

            This reply is on my approximation pls explain your situation and requirement in detail and clear words so that we can help you more.

    • nicola

      Many thanks for your reply.
      I'm very interested in Compiere, but this functionality is very important for me.
      We sell, for example, musical compact disc at shops.
      We deliver and we do an invoice (or delivery note) with:
      10 Barry White € 2,00
      5 Beatles € 10,00

      then, after one months our customer send us:
      2 Barry White
      1 Beatles
      because he has not sold.

      We have to make a credit note for this, so he has to pay:
      invoice - credit note
      or we can do a return note to make an invoice only on difference, I mean an invoice with:
      8 Barry White € 2,00
      4 Beatles € 10,00

      The problem is not trivial:
      - we need something of quickly (we cannot check all the invoices made to the customers to find the products he's returning)
      - if the price of the good has been changed, we need to credit to the customer the exact price is on his invoice.

      Now I'm using a sw I've wrote, but I'd like to switch to Compiere.
      Also I'm interested to Compiere for study (university).