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** unprocessed /unposted cost update transact

  • ismet sener
    ismet sener

    When I use the session Standard Cost update, I get the next error message:
    ** unprocessed /unposted cost update transaction exists. Please process them first.

    But where can post this transaction? When I go to the session "Unposted Documents" there is nothing to post

    I have also the next problem:
    Cost price prodcut "'X" : EUR 0,50
    purchase 1000 product X for EUR 0,50 = EUR 500,00

    Cost price prodcut "'X" : EUR 0,75
    purchase 1000 product X for EUR 0,75 = EUR 750,00

    Inventory/Product Asset value is now: EUR 500,00 + EUR 750,00 = EUR 1.250,00

    NOW !!!!!!! When I sell 2000 products , the system wil calculate COGS with value EUR 1.500,00
    Prodct COGS EUR 1.500,00 debet
    a/ Product Asset EUR 1.500,- credit

    So now my Inventory/Product Asset is Negative :
    EUR 500,00 + EUR 750,00 -/- EUR 1.500,00 = -/- EUR 250,00

    NORMALLY when I change the cost price from EUR 0,50 to EUR 0,75 AND I update the inventory
    it should revalue the inventory with 5000 products * EUR 0,25 = EUR 250,00

    SO the question is NOW HOW can the system update the inventory when I change the current cost price????

    With kind regards,