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how can't i set up the ERP with SQL Server?

  • chauhoang

    i'm the new one coming to this forum ,
    the first time of using compire
    dont know so much about this
    i  want to run set up it with SQL Server
    how can i do it? possible?

    • Hi,

      At this moment Compiere do not support directly MS SQL Server.

      If you want to use Free DB Server, you have the option with Oracle XE or Postgres from Adempiere project.

      The Soul Keeper.

      • chauhoang

        oh , thanks alot admin , i'll try with Oracle XE

    • Yves Sandfort
      Yves Sandfort

      Currently compiere offers only Oracle and Oracle XE (this is the free easy install version). The next DBs upcoming are DB2, Postgres and SQL Server. SQL Server might be released relatively quick as Compiere build already a sybase port in the past.

      You can than later on convert your data from the Oracle XE to a SQL Server if you need to.

      Bye Yves