Completing a Quotation? what does it do?

  • MGarcia

    Hi all,

    I know you normally prepare a quotation, but what does completing it do? I noticed this:

    Date: 2003-08-02 10:49
    Sender: kmpink
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    Propsosals do not reserv inventory, Quotes do.  If you change
    the quote to an order then the appropraite inventory actions
    occur.  If it is a standard order it remains reserved, if it
    is a
    Warehouse or POS it moves from reserved to reduce the
    current available count by the number of units. 
      If you changed the quote you would 'complete' to take into
    account the changes.  Only items that are stocked would
    have a reserved qty

    Date: 2003-08-02 10:33
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    So Completing a Proposal does nothing?

    When I complete a Quotation, in the lower left hand side of
    the window, I see "Process completed successfully",
    but none
    of the fields are disabled, and it still allows you
    to "Complete"
    the Quotation multiple times if you wanted to
    (without "reversing").  Is this the intended functionality?
    you convert the Quote to an Order, is this when a "Complete"
    will grey out most of the fields?

    Voiding the Quote does release the reservations on
    inventory :)

    Also, I assume that services are supposed to not appear as
    having a "reserved quantity" on the Product Info screen?

    Date: 2003-08-02 10:11
    Sender: kmpink
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    Completing a quote reserves inventory

    "Prepare" also reserves inventory according to the doc.
    So the only difference i've noticed is that it doesn't allow for "Quote conversion"

    If someone can clear this up, that would be great.

    thank you

    • Kathy Pink
      Kathy Pink

      completed documents cannot be changed or deleted.  Cannot convert a completed quote