Purchase Order Form

Jorge Luis
  • Jorge Luis
    Jorge Luis

    How can i design my purchase order form...
    or the form is designed and i need modify it...???

    • Kathy Pink
      Kathy Pink

      Copy the window and make the changes you want.  YOu need to make sure that all required fields are still populated

      • Hitesh Shah
        Hitesh Shah

        Do you have any procedure written for how to modify forms  in detail.

        If you have it please provide me or provide me links.

    • FETTER

      How do I copy the window. What window are we talking about.
      I am having some problems with my personalization in the Purchase order Report.
      Could someone help me with that?

    • Kathy Pink
      Kathy Pink

      if you want to modify a window you copy the window and then make the changes you want in the data dictionary.  If you want to change the layout of a report you modify or create a new print format.  If you want different fields on the report and the report is based on a view, you need to update the view first.
      These are all topics that are covered in detail in the Compiere Training classes