Currency Gain/Loss --> wrong BP open...

  • ismet sener
    ismet sener

    When I create a Purchase Invoice in foreign currency, and I pay that with different currency rate, then the Business Partner - Open Balance Amount is giving a WRONG balance

    fro example:
    1 january 2010
    1 EUR = 2 USD
    My home currency is EUR

    I book a invoice
    Costs      USD 80.000    (EUR 40.000)
    a/ Accounts Payable  USD  80.000  (EUR 40.000)

    Then on 1 feb 2010  1 EUR = 1,25 USD
    I pay USD 80.000 , that is EUR 64.000  ( I have a currency loss of EUR 24.000)

    booking of the PAYMENT:
    Payment Selection  USD 80.000  (EUR 64.000)
    a/ Check in Transfer USD 80.000  (EUR 64.000)

    booking of the BANK STATEMENT:
    Check in Transfer   USD 80.000 (EUR 64.000)
    a/ Checking Account USD 80.000 (EUR 64.000)

    booking of the ALLOCATION
    Accounts Payable  USD 80.000  (EUR 64.000)
    a/ Payment Selection USD 80.000 (EUR 64.000)

    Currency Loss  EUR 24.000
    a/ Accounts Payable EUR 24.000

    So the LEDGER are in Balance,
    Accounts Payable is EUR 40.000 credit, then EUR 64.000 debet, then EUR 24.000 credit  = BALANCE of this Business Partner is zero

    The ledger account " Payment Selection"   is in balance, and also the ledger account " Checking in Transfer" is in Balance

    BUT  but  when I look in the Business Partner / Business Partner Info  I see a OPEN BALANCE of EUR 24.000

    So it looks like Compiere is not updating the Business Partner with the Currency Loss transaction

    Who can help me, is this a bug?

    How can I avoid this?  or SOLVE this,

    I did run the session  UPDATE ACCOUNTING BALANCE , but it did not help