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Invalide POS order: Could not create Shipment

Q Wang
  • Q Wang
    Q Wang


    I have some problems with POS order.  When I have created a POS order, saved, and completed, the dos status is set to invalid and I got the following error info:

    POS_ORDER1005: Grand Total=49.2 (#1)
    - Could not create Shipment
    - java.lang.Exception: Could not create Shipment (0): org.compiere.wf.MWFActivity.performWork(MWFActivity.java:759)
    (1): org.compiere.wf.MWFActivity.run(MWFActivity.java:673)

    I have checked the delivery rule which is "Availability", and also checked the inventory level which allows the shipment, but do not know why the shipment is not able to be created.  Theoretically, the POS order should be able to create invoice/shipment and payment automatically but failed in shipment stage.

    Thank you very much!