2.5.2 db independence limited to Sybase !

  • Alex

    The database independence section on the home page mentions the following :
    Plan : availability of Compiere on Sybase (Feb 05).

    This must be a joke ! IMO Compiere Inc. is planning to sell Sybase licenses.
    They're simply replacing one vendor lock-in with another one !

    Sybase ASE express edition might seem a viable alternative, but take a closer look at the limitations :
    - Limited to one CPU
    - 2GB RAM limit
    - 5 GB disk space limit
    - only on linux
    - closed source
    - what about bugfixes, security patches, updates, ... ?
    - support package starting at $2200 per year

    Next step : availability of Compiere on MS SQL Server (TSQL compatible with Sybase, so porting will be easy) ?
    Even Microsoft offers a free (express) version of SQL Server with the following limitations :
    - 1 CPU
    - max 1 GB RAM
    - max 4 GB database size

    There are already 3 viable alternatives, and probably more to come in the next few months :
    - Firebird (Fyracle) : http://www.janus-software.com/fyracle_demo.html
    - DaffodilDb : http://www.daffodildb.com/daffodil-Compiere.html
    - MaxDb : http://www.infosecuresystems.com/micompiere
    - Ingres (Feb 05) : http://www.gnuapps.com/?pg=sdi
    - PostgreSQL ?

    The entire community is waiting to see Compiere running on an enterprise-grade open source database : PostgreSQL, Firebird, Ingres, MaxDb, ...
    If Compiere Inc. is serious about database independence, then why are they going to release a Sybase port ?

    • Alin Vaida
      Alin Vaida

      Such a huge disappointment....ruined my day :(

    • Ekkasit C.
      Ekkasit C.

      Read it at...


      OpenSource ERP & CRM to developer but CloseOpportunity to user.

      -that me-

    • chris snow
      chris snow

      Dreadful news.  Micrm looks favorite for me now!

    • Kathy Pink
      Kathy Pink

      First one is Sybase (to be released on their Open Source DB) others will follow

      • Alex

        Sybase ASE Express edition for linux is *NOT* open source. It's a shrink-wrapped free-for-linux-only version of their commercial database.
        They haven't released the source code, they're only offering this db for free with the intention to gain market share and to sell support contracts.

        IMHO don't waste your time (and your money) on another closed source database.
        Microsoft is also offering a *FREE* edition of SQL server with comparable limitations.

        You'll reach the limits of this *FREE* database sooner than you can imagine and then you've got 2 options :
        1. Buying a Sybase enterprise edition license
        2. Migrating your Sybase *FREE* database to another open source database
        Both options involve extra costs.

    • Have a look on Konstatnin Knizhnik home page:
      (all in English)

      There is 7 DBMS-es focused on object-oriented and object-relational technologies, all open source!

      Pay attention on Consus:

      ..."Consus is a 100% pure Java embedded object-relational database management system. It provides the JDBC interface and SQL-92 compatible query language JSQL. In addition to the standard JDBC methods, Consus also provides the following object oriented extensions:
      Implicit database tables definition using information about Java classes.
      Direct mapping between table and Java classes. Table inheritance.
      Polymorphic queries (select among all derived subtables) and polymorphic (virtual) method invocations.
      Direct access to the records by references.
      Database tables can contain any Java object or array as a record field.
      Any built-in Java type can be used as a record attribute.
      Construction - start from following by performs recursive records traversal using references.
      Binary large objects (BLOBs) and character large objects (CLOBs) with Java stream interface are supported.
      Automatic database scheme evaluation.
      Persistent object storage interface: persistence by reachability and transparent loading of objects from the database. .."

      Support of transactions is present!