current status?

  • I'm monitoring this forum for a while now and I have noticed that this forum is used for asking questions on how to use Oracle and Compiere.
    I thought this forum should be used for everything that has to do with the database independence of oracle.

    My question is: I've donated mony (not much, only $20 but, at least I did it!!) and I'm curious about the current status on this project. Is the target still the 3th quater of this year or will it be delayed?
    Or is there a more detailed target?

    thanks in advance


    • Kathy Pink
      Kathy Pink

      We do not have a detailed completion date as it is an ongoing effort.  It will require a substantial amount of work for document processing to move from the Oracle DB to Java

    • dhruv

      Hi Kathy,
      Can you try to goto this site

      You can approach them for money for this project


    • Chris Tooley
      Chris Tooley

      So in digging through this list, what is the current strategy (even if there is no light at the end of the tunnel yet).  JBoss for Database Independence via JDBC?