study of compiere

  • We are students and we have a project concerning compire.Do you answer ourselves some questions? Thanks.

    1. Which is the activity of your company?

    2. Which is the size of the company (a number of employees)?

    3. Since how long does exist it?

    4. Since ombien of time compire is installed in your companies?

    5. In how long compiere was installed?

    6. Who occupied himself of the installation?

    7. Why to have chosen this product?

    8. How knew it?

    9. Have calls upon a consultant or a cabinet of audit?

    10. Which product used before compiere?

    11. This erp it is its entirety or only some modules used in?

    12. And why this choice?

    13. By what are replaced the modules not used?

    14. Are there developers within your company which control the product?

    15. Which are the strong points and the weak points of the modules used?

    16. You it answers has your waitings?

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