Gap analysis for CRM/Asset Mgm project

  • Pawel Debski
    Pawel Debski

    I am looking for software with the following functionality:

    R1. Ability to describe customers in detail.
    R2. Ability to describe technical infrastructure and link it to particular customers.
    R3. Ability to automatically assess the impact of failures on particular customers.

    I guess that (1) is already present in Compiere and can be reused with little effort.

    Q0: could you please comment on how well would Compiere fit for the above requirements?
    Q1: can Compiere be customized to solve R2&3? (does it make any sense?)
    Q2: can I define additional tables in Compiere/Oracle DB and enrich UI for additional fields?
    Q3: or would you suggest writing separate app and use some Compiere API to reuse customer data from it?
    Q4: how rich is Compiere API and customisation options (any pointers to the doc?)
    Q5: how difficult would it be to integrate Compiere with current (old) invoicing system?
    Q6: should such integration be done on database or API level?

    any other suggestions on gradual migration from current bunch of old systems?
    (no revolution please!)