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Brian Z
  • Brian Z
    Brian Z

    Okay, maybe I'm missing something in Compiere. It's a Customer Resource Management system, right? I have Compiere running, but where is the Customer information? How do you track and make notes on a customer, every time an employee has contact with the customer? How do you track that customer through their sales lifecycle of prospect through to closed deal?

    What am I missing? Where is the "Customer" tab?

    • Michael Judd
      Michael Judd

      Hi there,

      Have you tried requests.  Requests can be initiated via an inbound e-mail, web site query or logged by your call centre.  Requests can be updated, forwarded scheduled etc.

      Customer is built in to nearly all documents in the system.  For sales cycle tracking, there are a number of options - updating quote-sales order-invoice or perhaps project/contract management.

    • nicademus

      No software has the right to call itself CRM if it doesnt have:
      1) a customer dashboard
      2) interaction history

    • Kathy Pink
      Kathy Pink

      BP info window
      Request History