Import Vendors into Compiere

  • Chris Farley
    Chris Farley

    In the Business Parntner Import, is there a way to specifically designate imported records as "Vendors" (as opposed to Customers or Employees)? By default, my incoming records are being designated as Customers, and the "Vendors" checkbox is left unchecked. I don't really see any field in the import dialog that would allow me to designate the record as a vendor.

    Alternately, is there a way to change a whole group of already-imported records to a "Vendor"? It would be very laborious to manually change each record by hand!


    • Q Wang
      Q Wang

      I had the same needs too. As the column of "IsVendor" was not provided to select as bp importation, I just write a simple sql statement to update the columns as needs, such as "UPDATE C_BPARTNER SET ISVENDOR = 'Y' WHERE AD_CLIENT_ID = 1000000 AND VALUE LIKE 'V%'"...

      Hope this helps.

    • James Minney
      James Minney

      Alternatively, import your vendors first, and then use SQL to update that field for all the BPartners.  Then import the customers after.  You could import your employees in between (Set isEmployee = 'Y' where IsVendor != 'Y')

      Don't forget also to switch isCustomer off for the people who aren't.