Adding a field similiar to greeting

  • I'm trying to add a field to the Contact(User) tab of the Business Partner Window similar to the Greeting field.  The new field is "Rank" and will be used to assign a martial arts belt rank to each user.

    I created a "AD_Rank" table similar to the greeting table, then created a window to populate the new table.  I then added the field "AD_Rank_ID" to the contact tab of the business partner window as type TableDir.

    The problem is that when I go to select a rank for a contact, only White belt shows up in the drop down even though the AD_Rank table contains 9 ranks.  What's going on here?

    • Redhuan D. Oon
      Redhuan D. Oon

      Since ranks are limited, why dont u use List instead? That is more on the fly to do and doesnt involve any table at all.

      Just go to the System menu, App Dictionary, Reference and create a Reference List. Then in your greeting side, u set it to reference and select that.