A bug in request code???

  • kisito

    Hi all

    In the request process i think that when a request is due then an email is sent  when the option "email when due" is selected.

    in the processRequest method of RequestProcessor class, this is the SQL statement to get the request that's due:
    "        String sql = "SELECT * FROM R_Request "
                + "WHERE DueType='" + MRequest.DUETYPE_Scheduled + "' AND Processed='N'"
                + " AND DateNextAction > SysDate ...."

    I think that the condition "DateNextAction > Sysdate" is not correct.

    Assume that date of the next action for a request is may 15th 2006, and the current date is july 13 2006. The request in that case is due. But the condition DateNextAction > Sysdate is false. Then this request will never be  notified.