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Problem migrating from 2.5.3.c to 2.5.3.d

  • dotbaseac

    Problem after migration : impossible to display/print customised reports
    (blank page)

    Migrating from 2.5.3.c to 2.5.3.d (last nightly build)
    RUN_Setup OK
    RUN_ImporReference OK
    RUN_Migration two times (Resolve ID, Synch Struct, Synch Data) OK
    Launch Client OK, with the exception of customised Reports

    Customised reports created at System level as templates
    Before migration cust reports work very well.

    Has someone any idea ?


    • Colin Rooney
      Colin Rooney

      Hi Alain

      Are you using a base language other than US English?  Or Assigning Languages other than the base language in the BP setup?
      Just a shot in the dark here ... but I had an issue with blank documents/reports.  My memory is a little hazy but I think it was related to using a language other than "US English" and when I ran the option to recreate the translation all was ok.   I did this using the System Administration role (System User), in the Langage window, I selected the Langauge Maintenance button and then selected the "Re-Create Transation" option.  Be warned it takes a very long time to complete!  I also saw a recent bug report (along with a patch provided) that seemed to address the long time taken to do this translation.
      Sorry I can't be more precise... I seemed to have mislaid my notes on the subject... but it's a least something to check!?



    • Kathy Pink
      Kathy Pink

      blank documents occur if you have selected multi lingual docs and have not definded the language as a system language so there are no translation records