Compiere Community Edition

  • Sossa

    Hi, i have a bunch a questions and need your help:
    How many users can Compiere Community edition handle?
    What is the programming language used to write Compiere (open source)?
    Does Compiere License GPL need upgrading over a period of 5 years and how much would it cost?
    Is there any further costs associated with downloading and installing Compiere Community Edition? if yes what are they and how much do they cost?
    Is Compiere Community edition web-based or is it a windows application?
    If I want to install Compiere Community edition do I need more than one server?or just 1 where I install the database, the application server, and the compiere server?

    Thank you

    • Hi there!

      Your questions would be best answered by contacting Compiere directly through their website.  My company is not an agent of Compiere, rather we used their open source code to develop a powerful Payroll and Human Resources Management system compatible with Oracle, Postgres, SQL et al. As payroll is subject to government compliance laws as well as confidentiality/ accuracy issues, we strongly recommend users to have knowledge in BOTH Compiere and the labour/employemnt laws of their respective countries before relying on the completely Free Community version. Our Premium and Elite Plans offer support levels that reflect the breadth of requirements a partner may have in adapting open source-based technology for strategic, sensitive, and mission-critical applications. We try to offer independence, freedom, and the peace of mind of full support and consulting services - upon request and never unsolicited.

      In Canada, government divisions, healthcare facilities, and diverse SMBs rely on the innovation of Solstice+ to comprehensively automate payroll complexities, so we can guarantee the viability, stability, and maturity of the Business Logic and foundations of Solstice+ source code.

      Anyhow, I am certain you will find the answers to most of your questions concerning Compiere's policies directly on their website. If not, contact their CS team and you will haev prompt answers.