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Zoom Problem

the expert
  • the expert
    the expert

    When adding a new window in compiere that have à list coming from an other new window (created by myself)
    zoom does not work,i must note that i am using compiere under windows and postgres8.1 (windows)
    the window name is related to the table name and data access level are client+organisation
    the message that i have is

    With your current role and settings, you cannot view this information
    You don't have the privileges (your Role does not allow to access the information) - or - set profile
      (e.g. if you want to see accounting records, Show Accounting must be set) (No Window Model Info)

    • Hi,

      just one question. Which version of Compiere do you use? 2.5.2d?

      You need to check Show accounting in Preferences in order to resolve current problem.


    • I believe that if you start process "Role Access Update" (General Rules -> Security -> Role Access Update)then you resolve the problem.


    • sravan_chakri


      As you have succesffully finished the part of integrating a java application into compiere, I would like to ask you how we can achieve that. I am new to compiere. I would like to get any kind of files that would help me in achieving this task.


    • the expert
      the expert

      Thanks a lot for help,
      in the preference tab show accounting is selected, the correct action in this case is to use:  Role Access Update" (General Rules -> Security -> Role Access Update)
      thanks a lot for all peopole that helped me and to the compiere team for this product