Add entries to CLASSPATH???

  • Hi all,

    I'm using Compiere 2.5.3a in Windows 2003 Server. I've created a Form, but only can launch this form if I start Compiere including the path of jar in -classpath option, like this:

    java -Xms32m -Xmx512m -DCOMPIERE_HOME=c:\COMPIERE2 -classpath c:\COMPIERE2\lib\Compiere.jar;c:\COMPIERE2\lib\CompiereCLib.jar;C:\dist\Test.jar org.compiere.Compiere

    My question is, how I can include my jar in CLASSPATH for launch Compiere by shortcut (JNLP) without use prompt, .bat or command line???

    thanks all.

    • Oliver

      well you can get the source-code, include your new form into the form-package and rebuild all. Or you insert the single form-class by hand into the jars. Take a look at the "jar" command-tool of the java-package for help.


    • I've tried to insert .class files in .JAR using WinRAR, but don't work. No errors, but no frames too.

      I think that I need to edit META-INF Files, but I believe these files can't be editable by hand, SHA1-Digest Key is required.

      I've tried to edit using SHA key from before line, but after editing these files the Compiere-client don't launch, just close in loading screen without erros.

      • Oliver

        yeah thats why i mentioned the JAR-tool from the JDK. Use this one to rebuild the jar.

        • Thanks...

          I've extracted all .class (libs and forms) in an empty folder, then put a Compiere.jar in this folder and used this command:

          jar uf Compiere.jar *

          Its a great solution if you don't want to recompile all source code.

          Works perfectly.