• joedee

    I need some help with the Budgeting.
    To create a Budget, I did the following:

    1.  Created the Budget in the GL Budget screen.
    2.  Created the actual Budget in the GL Journal screen
         - Posting Type was set to 'Budget'
         - I selected the appropraite budget in the 'Budget field'
    I Completed and posted the Budget.

    My problem lies in the fact that my Budget affected the GL.  A budget is not supposed to do this, so my question is: "How do I create a Budget (and what screens would I create the Budget) so that it does not affect the GL; and also, in which report would be the easiet to get a print out of this budget for comparative purposes?"

    If someone could get back to me ASAP that would be greatly appreciated.

    • tinhvadoi

      GL budget?
      it dont work

    • Kathy Pink
      Kathy Pink

      Budgets do work.  YOu create and update your budget amounts using GL JOurnals.  They will create accounting fact records for Budgets and you can report on them in financial reports