Financial Report

  • naruta

    Hi all,
    In the window « Report line set »,I have a
    problem on the definition of a line in my financial Report.
    Windows : Report Line Set
    Tab : Report Line
    The line is segmented :Bank asset  account

    I would like to have a line in my report which is posted only if the general balance of the account is debitor because  it must appear in another report if it is creditor.
    My question is how can I parameterize it?
    Could I for example add ( and define)at the level of the Report Line or Report column Tab a Type of Amount :"balances  debitor only" (like : Total credit only,Total balance etc.)?

    • ADAXA

      It would be good if you could but I never made it work. 

      If the account balance does not change from debit to credit regularly it may be safer just to drag and drop the Account Element from current assets group to the current liabilities group whenever its balance changes to a credit. Just means you have to print the report twice .. once to notice it has changed signs then again to get the report you needed. I realise it does not solve the problem for a multiple month report where the sign changes.
      So .. no good solution.

    • albert

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      public static final String AmountType_Balance = "B";
      public static final String AmountType_BalanceCredit = "X";//add by Albert
      public static final String AmountType_CR = "C";
      public static final String AmountType_DR = "D";
      public static final String AmountType_Qty = "Q";----
      Evolution the Accounting Engine from Accounting Professor Albert

    • naruta

      I would like to know in which class can I find these
      declarations and is the simple fact of adding this declaration
      (public static final String AmountType_BalanceCredit = "X")
      will resolve the problem???

    • albert

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