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my role denied.. how?

  • hello friends... while i was trying to verify my organization hierarchy on the tree window by using the system administrator window i lost my access on the account element and tree windows after verifying it... now i can't access this window from any role... in all of my clients including Garden World... i was trying to check my report hierarchy was right... any body please help me, since i was designing my accounts.

    • hello friends... i am in (i think) serious problem...after i post the above message.. some of the denied windows open for some of the clients i have, but i lost the whole window acces from the Garden World Admin only.. when i open Garden World Admin there are no windows seen.. only white space... i think i made its role 'manual'(select it)... i tried to change this at the database level and i update it by deselecting it...but the problem does persist... please help me on solving this...

    • any body?.,..

    • tamirat

      sorry friend... may be post again and waut for the response