Setting Up Additional Trees for Products

Michael VB
  • Michael VB
    Michael VB

    Our account combination consists of the following:
    Org - Account - Product - Bus Partner - Campaign - Proj

    At the product level, we need three types of trees for reporting purposes:
    1. Product -> County -> State
    2. Product -> Product Line
    3. Product -> Vendor

    Is there a way in Compiere to maintain different trees for the same account element?  I've looked at the Account Element window and it only lists the "Account" element.  It does not show Product.  If I look at the Accounting Dimension window, I only see one tab for Product.  I don't know how I would define a different tree for product.

    I basically would like to run my P&L report using different Product Trees but am not sure how to do it.


    • ADAXA

      just my view...
      Product reporting could come from product sales reports OR Acctg Fact Details (AFD) .. P&L reporting will need to come from the AFD .. so if it is P&L reports you need then you will need to the required data in the AFD.

      Compiere already stores  "Org - Account - Product - Bus Partner - Campaign - Proj" against each transaction if you have set it up that way... what is missing is also having the Product Category and Business Partner Group data (etc) also available in the AFD.  This can quite easily be done by creating a view  which appends these extra bits of information. Have never added Vendor for a product .. what do you do if you have multiple vendors of a product ;-)

      Once the extra info is available then you have to be able to report on it .. choices are .. use something like Excel Pivot tables which provides grouping and slice-and-dice capability and is free for Excel users and very powerful .. or .. use Jasper Reports or equivalent .. or ..try to use the Fin Report Writer to do the same .. and I have not tried the last two.

      If you are interested in the Excel approach, send me an email with yr real email address and I will forward a document.

    • Kathy Pink
      Kathy Pink

      at this time financial reports access only the primary tree