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Products as Assets

Peggy R
  • Peggy R
    Peggy R

    Since Compiere does not yet to fixed assets, is it still true (last thread I found was 4/2003) that when a product is added (whether sold or not) that is is tracked as warehouse inventory.

    If this is true, how are others out there tracking fixed assets - or are they?  ARe they using charges?  Or something more inventive?  Or are they customizing?

    • Our company uses product to track as fixed asset, add in additional fields like asset useful life, depreciation start date, depreciation methods etc and generate monthly depreciation reports.

    • Hi fm77,

      When you say that you have added additional fields like useful life, depreciation start date etc...  How are these fields used? Have you created some logic that automatically suggests how to depreciate the current asset and/or does the system even generate automatic postings based on these suggestions? Greateful for an answer as this has become a key issue in discussions with a potential customer.